Saturday, July 3, 2010

Let's Celebrate with a Game

Let the games begin!!

Hey everyone!!

I have had my brick and mortar store
and my on line store
for a bit over two years now.

Because of your visits, here and at the store,
I am living my dream come true.

As a celebration, and a thank you,
I thought it might be fun to celebrate
with a game,
and give out some prizes.

Here is the lowdown:

I love clocks.
They are scattered here and there in the store.
I have taken pictures of areas in the store.
Some have clocks.
Some do not.

Your assignment, should you decide to take it,
will be to find the clocks.

We will start today.
I will post some store pics each day for a week.
Each day you will count the clocks,
then put your guess on the July13th post.
(Closes at midnight pacific time.)

Also, along the way I will be having some clock 'fun'.
Those will be extra chances to win.
The more you visit and comment,
the more chances you have to win!

The prize? I have no idea!
Maybe something to do with time??

(I'll let you know soon.)

ways to win:

show up for daily fun and leave a comment.
guess total number of clocks on July 13th before midnight.

It is not required to share with your friends, or follow,
but it would sure bless me if you did. =)

Thanks to all of you for your kindness
and support and encouragement these past two years.

You have blessed my life.

Barbara Jean


  1. Great idea for a game and giveaway. Love those photos! Congratulations.

  2. Fun idea and congrats on two years!

  3. Well this should be fun! I love clocks also, as you know. And that little boy doll is sooo cute! So precious!

  4. Sounds like a fun game !

  5. What a fun game! Congratulations on two years!
    Best wishes.

  6. I'm already a follower, too. Thanks for the chance to win such a fun giveaway!

  7. Hi Barb,
    June was my 2 years of blogging. Congrat's!
    Sounds like fun and I'll give it a try!
    Deb :)

  8. Hi Barb. Haven't been online for fun in a while. Still really busy, but the BIG project we are currently working on has a deadline of tomorrow, then off to deliver it to the "mouse".

    I'll take some photos to show you, but can't post or email least for a few months!

    Hope all is well up your way....


  9. Lol, always up for a game, I just hope I get to finish it before we are off to France.

  10. Oh Barb, I turn my back for a couple of days and miss so much, so a catch up is in order. Very clever to think of this game. Think I will play!

  11. I love stuff like this. I spy for Grown-ups.Thanks this should be fun.

  12. I'm coming into the game late (been on vacay) but I'm gonna do this all in one day! Sounds like too much fun to miss!