Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Pin Cushions, sachets, and needle holders.

I love having the vintage look around the store.
Sometimes that means i have to make my own 'vintage'.

So here are a few of my hand-crafts for you.

This is a pin cushion made from a candle holder.
I have put oldish white buttons in the bottom,
and added a creamy old doily to the top.
Tied a bit of lace around it,
and added an angel and more buttons to the top.

This beautiful piece is 7" Tall and 3" wide at base.
#347 pin cushion

$15.00 plus shipping and handling.

Thank you Mikki

These are sweet little gifts for a special someone who sews.
They are needle holders made of wool felted.
I taught myself to embroider simple stitches so i could do these.

The one on the left with the yellow button and edging,
is 3x3 1/2 closed, and 7" open.

#82 yellow needle holder
$8.50 plus shipping

SOLD Thank you so much!!

There are two pages inside both for holding needles.
(sorry, lost pic)

The one on the right with the blue bow and edging,
measures 3x3" and is 6" open.
#81 blue needle holder


thank you

(these can be made to order. 12/12/09)


These are two lavender sachets from
embroidered vintage doilies.
both have ribbons to hang,
and are a fan shape.
This is the back.

And below is the front.
Much prettier. =0)

The blue one on the left measures 3x3 1/2.

#83 blue sachet
$4.50 plus shipping

The pink sachet on the right measures 4x5".
#84 pink sachet $7.00

SOLD Thank you so much!!

prices do not include shipping.

Please, email me if you have any questions or want to order.


  1. Oh I love the pin cushion!! I'll check back when I have money!!

  2. Hi Barbara Jean..
    All your things are just gorgeous. What fine,beautiful work you do. Your pincushions are simply lucious and gorgeous.